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Changes And Improvements That We Ask The New Generation Of PS5 And Xbox Series X



We Ask The New Generation Of PS5 And Xbox Series X

We Ask The New Generation Of PS5 And Xbox Series X

PS5 and Xbox Series X prove that with each new generation, there is a technical step forward. Graphics that allow higher resolution textures and a more significant number of polygons, to faster systems capable of doing more in less time.

However, it is also an opportunity to restructure ideas and coin new ones in anything that is not closely related to that. We are talking about interface, options, updates, design, and, ultimately, advances in everything that makes the most comfortable and satisfying experience for the player.

These are some of the news and adaptations of other platforms that, once and for all, we would like to start seeing implemented with the arrival of the new generation.

Controlled update rate

For some years now, we have become accustomed to that unpleasant situation in which, after putting a game on the console, an update waiting to be downloaded or installed prevents us from taking advantage of the 10 minutes we had free to play a game. To this, which is already a nuisance, it is now necessary to add the updates of the operating system.

Although it is not something that happens so frequently on PS4 and Switch, in the case of Xbox One, I have come to swallow three updates in the same week. A common trend in the PC world that, as the lines between computers and consoles continue to blur, I am afraid to see them replicated there as well.

I understand that the updates should come, but I think that with one a month well planned, and unless there is something related to an emergency or security problem, we will all live much more comfortably. And no, not everyone leaves their console to sleep for two weeks.

A good ventilation system

That the electronic pots get hot is something impossible, but that there have been solutions on the market for many years to alleviate these problems is another truth like a temple. Cases on either side are boring, from consoles that turn off to avoid overheating to fans that look like jet aircraft engines about to take off.

From lost to the river, if you give me a choice between something beautiful or something functional and durable, I prefer a good industrial design a thousand times to limit possible problems in the future. The illusion of aesthetics, in the end, lasts us nothing and less and, judging by the panorama that is coming upon us, the next generation aims to belong.

The evolution of stores

Being aware of how far it is from the Nintendo warranty seals, while the catalogs of all the consoles are filling with trash, finding good games separating the straw from the grain becomes increasingly tricky. A problem that, once again, the PC user has more than a present.

Steam may not be a perfect digital store, but it seems to have made efforts to control that problem by giving tools to the user to personalize their experience. More filters, more weight in the evaluations, more categories that allow you to find what you are looking for so that, in the end, the store and the buyer benefit.

Huge updates

The latest Call of Duty Warzone update was 100GB. It was not one related to a change of season or aspects that revolutionized the gameplay, but despite this, it was like re-downloading an entire game. Now let’s imagine this same situation with 4K textures as an incentive for the new generation.

Either internally or as something controlled by Microsoft and Sony, the weight of game updates begins to need certain limits, or our SSDs are going to be small overnight. Perhaps a solution is that companies take advantage of installing what we need and, as in the case of Modern Warfare, can uninstall the campaign or multiplayer at will if we are not going to play them.

Achievements and trophies have room for improvement.

Without being a huge fan of the achievement and trophy system, it does strike me as a golden opportunity that the shift to subscription services could be further supported by. Now that more lasting experiences are sought, the awards for achieving certain milestones should be more than just a screenshot.

Ideally, you should support more strongly the idea of ​​more substantial discounts or prizes, but knowing how difficult it will be to achieve something like this, concepts such as Ubisoft and its UPlay rewards system – the content of art, music or elements for the game- could well be a good starting point.

Controlled power goes a long way.

We are facing a new generation that will allow us to play authentic game cucumbers on televisions and monitors that, perhaps, do not have that option. Or it may be the user himself who prefers to discard one option to try to enhance another.

Holding onto the video options of a PC game may be asking too much. Still, if there were room on the new consoles to lower the resolution and favor image stability beyond 60 fps, I would sign without hesitation.

The market has changed.

The market has changed. It’s not something from two days ago; it’s been more than 10 years since there are things like Humble Bundle, and monthly game returns or subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular with the public.

Other examples that, with an eye on the PC and to turn more and more towards the digital market, should also begin to evolve in the world of consoles.

The novelties that drop in price within two weeks of launching and selling games on sale are just one more example that the user does not end up marrying the prices that are still being handled even less if we continue to suffer the null difference between digital and physical costs.

The issue of prices is a problem that goes beyond the user and ends up affecting the vast majority of developers around the world. Still, the door that the indies have opened should be used to start assuming that a market in which everyone the games come out at 60 or 70 euros each time it is less viable.

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DC Universe Online Will Come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X



DC Universe Online Will Come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Game developer Dimensional Ink Games announced that DC Universe Online will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X this holiday season.

The free downloadable MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) will launch on both consoles in its original form, and the development team is working on gameplay and quality-of-life improvements that will come alongside this update.

These fixes will roll out in the coming months ahead of release on current-gen consoles, and several more coming next year.

Dimensional Ink Games said that players will remain on the same server with the same characters and friends regardless of version.

Gamers who don’t want items or purchases in their account to be lost can simply log in with the same PSN or Xbox account after downloading the game.

Dimensional Ink Games didn’t mention the Xbox Series S in its announcement. In all likelihood, this update isn’t just for the Xbox Series X, but IGN has asked for further clarification.

DC Universe Online first launched in January 2011 for PC and PlayStation 3, before arriving in November 2013 on PlayStation 4, then in April 2016 on Xbox One, and in August 2019 on Nintendo Switch.

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It’s quicker to see the video than to read the explanation, but for those who can’t: you see an analog clock whose second-hand moves slowly up to 11 (note that the last Mortal Kombat released so far is right there ’11), and when it’s time to move to 12 it “teleports” quickly to 1. The video ends with a rather clear message: it’s almost time.

The announcement of a new chapter of Mortal Kombat had already been given by Warner Bros. last February: the company had said that it will arrive by the end of the year. At that stage, there was express talk of a Mortal Kombat 12, but it is not known whether it was a simple internal communication error or if the mind was changed during the work.

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Over 20 Mortal Kombat-themed games have now been released since that distant 1992; the saga immediately stood out for its frenetic gameplay and above all for the high rate of exaggerated splatter, accentuated above all by the complicated and highly spectacular end-of-match moves known as Fatalities.

Warner has also recently decided to bring the franchise back to the big screen, after the two live-action films released in the 90s. The reviews have always been a bit so-so, but the receipts have not been bad – so much so that Warner has decided to approve a second film, whose release date is not yet known.

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Keyboard and mouse support on Xbox and more news with Patch 24 for State of Decay 2



Keyboard and mouse support on Xbox and more news with Patch 24 for State of Decay 2

We have been with the new generation of consoles for almost three months now, new hardware that has come to bring us experiences like we have never seen before, in addition to significantly improving what we already had with games already released.

Today we have a good number of games optimized for Xbox Series, State of Decay 2 being one of them, a title that had a disastrous launch and that little by little has become one of the essential games for everyone who has a Microsoft console.

State of Decay 2 now supports keyboard and mouse on Xbox

Undead Labs has undoubtedly set an example with the support it has given to its latest title, with constant updates and improvements, right now we have one of the games that are worth trying, even more so if we are within the Xbox Game Pass service.

The support for State of Decay 2 by the study is still very strong since update number 24 has been received today, which brings several interesting news, although the most striking is the one that adds keyboard and mouse support to Xbox consoles to play the title, something that will certainly not go unnoticed by more than one player. As usual, this patch also brings some fixes and adjustments, although in this link we leave you the full details of everything added.

  • Active sieges are now automatically pinned to your HUD when you return home and trigger the countdown to the assault, making it easier to notice the siege before entering Juggernauts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Juggernauts to evaporate when trying to chase a human into a building.
  • Zombies (especially Bloaters) are no longer allowed to appear on top of you when traveling at high speed. They were abusing their spawning privileges and have been punished.

State of Decay 2 is a title worth trying, at least before the third installment arrives that is already in development and that will see the light in the future for Xbox Series and PC.

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