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New record! Satya Nadella confirms Xbox Game Pass has reached eighteen million users



New record! Satya Nadella confirms Xbox Game Pass has reached eighteen million users

Many players are hoping that 2021 is going to be a great year in terms of video game news, especially for the new generation of Xbox consoles that arrived a couple of months ago and that despite the lack of stock, have been confirmed as a resounding success.

Another of the successes that Microsoft has had in recent years has been the creation of the Xbox Game Pass service, which was launched in 2017 and to which the company has been giving more and more importance within the Xbox platform, being one of the most important pillars of the brand.

Xbox Game Pass reaches eighteen million users

A few months ago, we had the news that Phil Spencer confirmed that the service was in a great moment, with a figure of fifteen million active users, which translated as a confirmed success, something that many users still found difficult for numerous reasons.

But it seems that the Xbox brand and its star service continue to grow in popularity, as pointed out in Windows Central, since showing the last quarter’s revenue a few hours ago, has made Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that the Xbox service Game Pass has managed to reach eighteen million subscribers, further confirming that this part of the platform has been a success and the players are more than satisfied.

A new record in Xbox Live users has also been confirmed, reaching the great figure of one hundred million active users, being a real madness.

From Generation Xbox, we are very happy with the growth that the brand is having, in part thanks to the success of Xbox Game Pass, a service that has marked the video game industry during these years.


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