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Bloodborne 2, God Of War 2 …The 7 Unannounced Games For PS5 That Seem Like A Reality



Bloodborne 2, God Of War 2 ...The 7 Unannounced Games For PS5 That Seem Like A Reality

Recently, the most anticipated video game event of the year has taken place. Finally, Sony brought out its PlayStation 5 with a very peculiar design that has managed to divide the community.

But the protagonists, without a doubt, were all the games that were announced, where they highlighted Ratchet & Clank, a new Marvel’s Spider-Man and the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, among many others (you can read the full summary here).

The truth is that all of these came from previous rumors that have finally been confirmed. Still, unfortunately, other projects that looked like they were going to end up being announced at the PS5 event seem like their development is a reality.

We also know that there are many more games in preparation for those shown, and that is why below, we collect 7 games that have not been presented to the new generation, but that seems to be true.

Harry Potter RPG

This is one of the works that have the most to be a reality. Not because of the rumors that maybe around this project, but because some time ago, a more or less extensive gameplay trailer was leaked.

This showed that the game was in a reasonably advanced phase of development and that the title looked quite good (within the poor quality of the video).

Since then, numerous rumors have emerged about the Harry Potter RPG, the most recent being just a few days ago, which ensures that the play is very dark and not suitable for children.

However, this does not stop being what they are, rumors, although everything seems that the project is a reality and will be presented at any time.

Bloodborne 2 | Bloodborne Remastered

From Software, in some way, was the protagonist of the broadcast. This is thanks to the announcement that the Demon’s Souls remake that, although this reimagining is the work of Bluepoint Games, the original work was a thing of the creators of the Dark Souls saga (which, also, is a spiritual event of Demon’s Souls).

In any case, the players expected something about Bloodborne 2, an imaginary second part of which has not been heard beyond rumors.

But there are not only rumors about a second part: very recently a leak emerged that suggested a Bloodborne Remastered that would run at 4K and 60 FPS and would reach not only PS5 but also PC.

This rumor was echoed quite a bit, and it even seems like it would become a reality. However, it appears that we will have to keep waiting (as long as it is true, of course).

God Of War 2

The end of God of War for PlayStation 4 left us wanting a sequel, which is not yet confirmed although, considering the success of the first installment (or the fourth, depending on how you look at it), it would be illogical not to release a new game for the franchise.

It seems like Sony Santa Monica is working on a new project, though there is no clue what it might be.

The case is the developers set off alarms after inviting players to watch the event with them. In this way, many assumed that God of War 2 was going to be presented. Finally, it was not, but even if it is not confirmed, it should see the light sooner or later, and it will undoubtedly do so for PS5.

Silent Hill

Nothing has been seen of the hypothetical new Silent Hill, nor has it been officially confirmed. However, there are not a few insiders who assure that it is a reality.

The plot is unclear, as it looks like it will be a reboot of the saga, but there have been (somewhat less credible) rumors about Silent Hills, the canceled Hideo Kojima project. The thing is, it appeared to be one of the games featured during the PS5 event.

What’s more, it was the Dusk Golem itself (known for having successfully predicted unannounced information about sagas like Resident Evil in the past ) who believed almost 100% that both Silent Hill and Resident Evil 8: Village were going to be announced.

The second of them did show up, but not a trace of the work created by Konami. Do you think that what is a dream for many lovers of survival horror will finally come true?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Or it could be called Call of Duty: Black Ops, as it appears in the recently leaked logo. This is another of the games that seem to be a reality because it has been rumored with him countless times in the last few weeks and that several internationally renowned media have given it as real.

And we do not know when the delivery of this year will be presented, something rare today since it is the work of Call of Duty that is taking the longest to announce.

However, there are so many leaks that seem real that they practically reveal what the new Ps5 Call of Duty will be like. So much so, that not only has its game modes been leaked, we have also been able to see possible gameplay from a pre-alpha development phase. In any case, it seems that we still have a little more time to see it, but we do know that its development is real.

Crash Bandicoot

Another game that, although it is not clear that it is a reality, multiple rumors would affirm that a new title starring Crash Bandicoot for PS5 is in development. According to a leak that emerged last April, this would arrive as an exclusive to the new generation console from Sony.

It was a well-known Brazilian journalist who revealed the alleged information, which would not be great if it were not because there were already rumors from before.

The thing did not stop there: just the same day as the PS5 event, a store seemed to have unveiled the new project about Crash Bandicoot, since they listed merchandising about the same game.

This, which was already suspicious in itself, was even more so after the same store eliminated these products. The case is that it aimed to be a revelation during the Sony broadcast and, for the moment and if the rumors are true, we must continue to wait.


If we stop to think about the most rumored games in history, we will agree that one of them is the new and supposed Batman. The number of leaks about its plot, characters, setting, gameplay, and much more goes back several years, but to this day they continue to emerge.

An image that appeared on the same day of the PS5 event suggested that it be presented in the said broadcast. As you know, it was not.

In fact, to this day, soon after the Sony conference, more and more rumors continue to emerge. The thing is that one of them ensures that the new Batman will be presented in August.

Will it be during the Gamescom 2020 digital then? Or in some other event destined for the last month of summer? We will continue to wait to see if, finally, so many rumors become real.

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State of Decay 2 now supports keyboard and mouse on Xbox

Undead Labs has undoubtedly set an example with the support it has given to its latest title, with constant updates and improvements, right now we have one of the games that are worth trying, even more so if we are within the Xbox Game Pass service.

The support for State of Decay 2 by the study is still very strong since update number 24 has been received today, which brings several interesting news, although the most striking is the one that adds keyboard and mouse support to Xbox consoles to play the title, something that will certainly not go unnoticed by more than one player. As usual, this patch also brings some fixes and adjustments, although in this link we leave you the full details of everything added.

  • Active sieges are now automatically pinned to your HUD when you return home and trigger the countdown to the assault, making it easier to notice the siege before entering Juggernauts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Juggernauts to evaporate when trying to chase a human into a building.
  • Zombies (especially Bloaters) are no longer allowed to appear on top of you when traveling at high speed. They were abusing their spawning privileges and have been punished.

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